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Vol 3 (1980) 'Afrikaanse Sintaksis' 'n Evaluering Abstract   PDF
Jeanne Maartens
Vol 45 (2014) 'n Ondersoek na die taalgebruik in Son as verteenwoordigend van Kaaps Abstract   PDF
Joline Blignaut, Harold Lesch
Vol 10 (1985) 'n Sosiologiese konsepaie van norrae Abstract   PDF
D.D. Joubert
Vol 47 (2015) 'Nie sommer nie': Sociohistorical and formal comparative considerations in the rise and maintenance of the modern Afrikaans negation system Abstract   PDF
Theresa Biberauer
Vol 29 (1996) 1996: Why we still need critical language awareness in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Hilary Janks
Vol 35 (2007) A closer look at Negative Concord in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Theresa Biberauer
Vol 54 (2018) A comparative study of depression in Bantu, Khoisan and Chinese Wu – laryngeal settings and feature specifications Abstract   PDF
Xiaoxi Liu, Nancy C. Kula
Vol 43 (2014) A contextual perspective on presupposition, with reference to translation studies Abstract   PDF
Ying Cui, Yanli Zhao
Vol 42 (2013) A critical approach to the development of blended medical communication training materials Abstract   PDF
Kris Van de Poel, Christine Fourie
Vol 46 (2015) A critical engagement? Analysing same-sex marriage discourses in To Have and to Hold: The Making of Same-Sex Marriage in South Africa (2008) – A queer perspective Abstract   PDF
Tracey Lee McCormick
Vol 50 (2016) A functional profile of Left Dislocation in Biblical Hebrew Abstract   PDF
Josh Westbury
Vol 26 (1994) A functional-syntactic perspective on gender stereotyping in popular fiction Abstract   PDF
E. Hilton Hubbard
Vol 55 (2018) A heuristic framework for voice instruction at the doctoral level Abstract   PDF
Alet Olivier, Adelia Carstens
Vol 26 (1994) A language plan for primary school teacher education Abstract   PDF
Yvonne Barnard
Vol 61 (2021) A long walk to freedom: Charting a way for doing comparative translation studies in Africa Abstract   PDF
Kobus Marais
Vol 22 (1992) A morphological parser for Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
L.G. de Stadler, M.N. Coetzer
Vol 49 (2016) A narrative enrichment programme in literacy development of Afrikaans Grade 3 learners in monolingual rural schools Abstract   PDF
Irene Brand
Vol 52 (2017) A perfect end: A study of syllable codas in South African Sign Language Abstract   PDF
Mikhaela D.K. Köhlo, Ian Siebörger, William G. Bennett
Vol 55 (2018) A pseudo-consecutive non-canonical serial verb construction in isiXhosa Abstract   PDF
Alexander Andrason
Vol 21 (1992) A role for linguistics in addressing contextual issues relevant to second language teaching Abstract   PDF
J. Keith Chick
Vol 60 (2020) A Spin to Preserve Contrast: Taiwanese Tone Sandhi Abstract   PDF
Lian-Hee Wee
Vol 26 (1994) A stylistic approach to the teaching of poetry with specific reference to Sepamla's poem The Blues is You in Me Abstract   PDF
J. T. Von Gruenewaldt
Vol 43 (2014) A systemic functional analysis of conjunction in "Au Revoir les Enfants" Abstract   PDF
Kajingulu Somwe Mubenga
Vol 43 (2014) A task-based approach to improving the communicative skills of university students learning Afrikaans as an additional language Abstract   PDF
Elbie Adendorff
Vol 59 (2020) A usage-based investigation of Afrikaans-speaking children’s holophrases and communicative intentions Abstract   PDF
Nina Brink
Vol 29 (1996) Acquisition of particles Abstract   PDF
Hans Bennis
Vol 57 (2019) Adapting writing laboratory activities to different spaces and cultures Details   PDF
Diana B. Njweipi-Kongor
Vol 39 (2009) Advice-giving in the English lingua franca classroom Abstract   PDF
Melody Hallenbeck Nadeau
Vol 47 (2015) Afrikaans and Dutch as closely-related languages: A comparison to West Germanic languages and Dutch dialects Abstract   PDF
Wilbert Heeringa, Febe de Wet, Gerhard B. van Huyssteen
Vol 59 (2020) Afrikaanse taalvariasie: Uitdagings vir regverdige meting van jong kinders se taal Abstract   PDF
Frenette Southwood, Helena Oosthuizen
Vol 34 (2006) Afrikaans-moedertaalonderrig onder beleg Abstract   PDF
Johan Lubbe
Vol 60 (2020) Against Words with Two Main Stresses: The case of Guugu Yimidhirr Revisited Abstract   PDF
José Alberto Elías-Ulloa
Vol 43 (2014) Agency in translating "Une Vie de Boy" into English: Exploring translator identity and translation strategies Abstract   PDF
Felix Nkwatta Awung
Vol 44 (2014) Agreement, dependencies, and Surface Correspondence in Obolo and beyond Abstract   PDF
William G Bennett
Vol 48 (2015) Agreement, history, and Obolo: A reply to Connell Abstract   PDF
Wm. Bennett
Vol 57 (2019) Aiming beyond the written, to the writer and writing: The writing consultation as a mentoring process for life-long writing Abstract   PDF
Collium Banda
Vol 10 (1985) Algemene aspekte van taalnormering Abstract   PDF
J.C. Steyn
Vol 56 (2019) An analysis of metaphorical idioms in South African Indian English Abstract   PDF
Suren Naicker
Vol 33 (2006) An analysis of what has been "lost" in the interpretation and transcription process of selected TRC testimonies Abstract   PDF
Z Bock, S Metula, N Mpolweni-Zantsi
Vol 62 (2021) An exploration into Penultimate and Final Lengthening in Tswana (Southern Bantu) Abstract   PDF
Fabian Schubö, Ian Bekker, Rigardt Pretorius, Valencia Wagner, Sabine Zerbian
Vol 39 (2009) An intercultural approach to implementing multilingualism at Rhodes University, South Africa Abstract   PDF
Russell H Kaschula, Pamela Maseko, Lorenzo Dalvit, Thandeka Mapi, Linda Nelani, Bulelwa Nosilela, Msindisi Sam
Vol 57 (2019) An interview with Sharifa Daniels Details   PDF
Rebecca Day Babcock
Vol 48 (2015) Another perspective on Bennett’s ‘Agreement, dependencies, and Surface Correspondence in Obolo and beyond’ Abstract   PDF
Bruce Connell
Vol 58 (2019) Anticausatives with passives of subordinate intransitive clauses in Xitsonga Abstract   PDF
Madala Crous Hlungwani
Vol 56 (2019) Are dialects markers of ethnic identity? The case of Setswana dialects and ethnic groups Abstract   PDF
Mompoloki Mmangaka Bagwasi
Vol 62 (2021) Are focus and givenness prosodically marked in Kinyarwanda and Rwandan English? Abstract   PDF
Fatima Hamlaoui, Kriszta Szendrői, Jonas Engelmann
Vol 49 (2016) Are South African print newspaper narratives reframed for Internet news portals or not? Abstract   PDF
Ilse Feinauer
Vol 48 (2015) Aspectual auxiliary verbs in Xitsonga Abstract   PDF
Seunghun J Lee, Crous Hlungwani
Vol 4 (1981) Aspekte van die Taksonomiese Taalkunde Abstract   PDF
Walter Winckler
Vol 53 (2017) Assessing spoken-language educational interpreting: Measuring up and measuring right Abstract   PDF
Lenelle Foster, Adriaan Cupido
Vol 54 (2018) ATR vowel harmony in Ateso Abstract   PDF
David Barasa
Vol 38 (2009) Authenticity and originarity in foreign language learning in the diaspora Abstract   PDF
Stephan Mühr
Vol 57 (2019) Author biographies Details   PDF
Kate Huddlestone
Vol 42 (2013) Aviation English in South African airspace Abstract   PDF
Salome Coertze, Simone Conradie, Chris R Burger, Kate Huddlestone
Vol 53 (2017) ‘Hopeful’ directions for writing centres in South Africa: From safe spaces to transitional sites of articulating practice Abstract   PDF
Pamela Nichols
Vol 45 (2014) ’n Behoefte-analise met die oog op die ontwerp van ’n Taal vir Spesifieke Doeleindes (TSD)-kursus vir leerderonderwysers met Afrikaans as tweede taal Abstract   PDF
Arné Greyling, Elbie Adendorff
Vol 45 (2014) ’n Deskriptiewe ondersoek na Sheila Cussons se poësievertalings aan die hand van Lefevere se sewe strategieë Abstract   PDF
Marius Swart
Vol 61 (2021) ’n Vergelykende ondersoek na die Afrikaans- en Zulu-vertalings van “South Africa’s Suspended Revolution: Hopes and Prospects” deur Adam Habib Abstract   PDF
Marné Pienaar
Vol 49 (2016) “They came there as workers”: Voice, dialogicality and identity construction in textual representations of the 2012 Marikana miner’s strike Abstract   PDF
Taryn Bernard
Vol 46 (2015) “Too late for tears, dear sister”: Constructing victims and perpetrators of rape in the advice column 'Dear Dolly' from 1984 to 2004. Abstract   PDF
Jana Krige, Marcelyn Oostendorp
Vol 57 (2019) “We are not a ‘fix-it shop’”: The writing centre as a uniquely configured learning space Abstract   PDF
Puleng Sefalane-Nkohla, Thembinkosi Mtonjeni
Vol 38 (2009) Über das Verhältnis des Französischen zu den einheimischen Sprachen im postkolonialen Afrika: Eine Bestandsaufnahme Abstract   PDF
Lacina Yéo
Vol 8 (1983) Basiskonsepte vir die doseer van taal en literatuur in die konteks van n vreernde kultuur Abstract   PDF
Arnold Blumer
Vol 5 (1981) Bedenkinge oor die politieke kader van TUiste in eie Taal Abstract   PDF
R.H. Pheiffer
Vol 6 (1982) Bedenklike Bedenkinge: Pheiffer se Taalpolitiek Abstract   PDF
J.C. Steyn, Walter K. Winckler
Vol 49 (2016) Begging to be goed: Voicing discrimination in multilingual and multiethnic Netherlands Abstract   PDF
Pieter Muysken
Vol 22 (1992) Betekenis en gebruik in 'n omvattende woordeboek Abstract   PDF
A.E. van Niekerk
Vol 22 (1992) Bible translation and relevance theory Abstract   PDF
Ferdinand Deist
Vol 44 (2014) Bilabial Palatalisation in Zulu: A morphologically conditioned phenomenon Abstract   PDF
Andrew van der Spuy
Vol 38 (2009) Bilingualism and language shift in Western Cape communities Abstract   PDF
Christine Anthonissen
Vol 29 (1996) Blurring the boundaries between orality and literacy Abstract   PDF
J. T. von Gruenewaldt
Vol 60 (2020) Buriat dorsal epenthesis is not reproduced with novel morphemes Abstract   PDF
Peter Staroverov
Vol 42 (2013) Can IELTS writing scores predict university performance? Comparing the use of lexical bundles in IELTS writing tests and first-year academic writing Abstract   PDF
Trish Cooper
Vol 56 (2019) Challenges encountered in the home-neighbourhood-community and school domains: An analysis of Tonga revitalisation through Fishman’s (1991) Reversing Language Shift framework Abstract   PDF
Jubilee Chikasha, Anne-Marie Beukes
Vol 58 (2019) Challenges of multilingual education: Streamlining affordances through Dominant Language Constellations Abstract   PDF
Larissa Aronin
Vol 21 (1992) Charting the anatomy of linguistic reality Abstract   PDF
R.P. Botha
Vol 56 (2019) China Town as a multilingual workplace Abstract   PDF
Miché Thomson
Vol 9 (1984) Chomsky se teorie van "Government-binding" Abstract   PDF
Hester Botha
Vol 21 (1992) Circular interaction between linguistic departments and language departments Abstract   PDF
H.W. Broekman
Vol 44 (2014) Class 1 deverbal and nondeverbal nouns in Shona: A comparative analysis Abstract   PDF
Calisto Mudzingwa, Maxwell Kadenge
Vol 57 (2019) Clear mind, full head, can’t lose Details   PDF
Maud Bonato
Frenette Southwood
Vol 49 (2016) Code-switching in university classroom interaction: A case study of the University of Dar es Salaam Abstract   PDF
Nikuigize Erick Shartiely
Vol 61 (2021) Combining Forces: The South African Sign Language Bible Translation Project Abstract   PDF
Ananda van der Walt, Banie van der Walt, Myriam Vermeerbergen
Vol 36 (2008) Communicating across cultures in South African law courts: Towards an information technology solution Abstract   PDF
Russell H Kaschula, André Mostert, Monwabisi K Ralarala
Vol 39 (2009) Communicating dosage instructions across cultural and linguistic barriers: Pharmacist-patient interactions in a South African antiretroviral clinic Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Watermeyer, Claire Penn
Vol 21 (1992) Communicative language teaching: Time for review? Abstract   PDF
Elaine Ridge
Vol 44 (2014) Comparing vowel hiatus resolution in ciNsenga and chiShona: An Optimality Theory analysis Abstract   PDF
Maxwell Kadenge, Silvester Ron Simango
Vol 48 (2015) Comparing vowel hiatus resolution in ciNsenga and chiShona: An Optimality Theory analysis: A reply to Galen Sibanda Details   PDF
Maxwell Kadenge, Silvester Ron Simango
Ondene Van Dulm
Vol 59 (2020) Construction of deaf narrative identity in Creative South African Sign Language (SASL) Abstract   PDF
Ruth Zilla Morgan, Michiko Kaneko
Vol 29 (1996) Contending with context in academic literacy Abstract   PDF
Henriette Murray
Vol 45 (2014) Continuing the conversation among the words: Breyten Breytenbach’s translation strategy in Oorblyfsel/ Voice Over Abstract   PDF
Elzet Kirsten
Vol 21 (1992) Contrastive analysis, pragmatics and language teachers? Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth De Kadt
Vol 49 (2016) Critical Discourse Analysis as Queer Linguistics: Religious pro- and anti-LGBT equality framing and counterframing in two letters to the editor in the City Press Abstract   PDF
Lauren Mongie
Vol 38 (2009) Critical perspectives on language planning and policy in Africa: Accounting for the notion of multilingualism Abstract   PDF
Felix Banda
Vol 58 (2019) Dative applicative elements in Arusa (Maa): A canonical approach to the argument-adjunct distinction Abstract   PDF
Alexander Andrason, Michael Karani
Vol 57 (2019) Decentering and recentering the writing centre using online feedback: Towards a collaborative model of integrating academic literacies development Abstract   PDF
Karen Suzette Collett, Arona Dison
Vol 51 (2017) Deconstructing and re-inventing the concept of multilingualism: A case study of the Mauritian sociolinguistic landscape Abstract   PDF
Rada Tirvassen, Shalini Jagambal Ramasawmy
Vol 41 (2012) Deconstructing gender and sexuality discourses in “Brothers for Life”: A critical look at chronotopes of consumption in HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns Abstract   PDF
Nobuhle Luphondo, Christopher Stroud
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