Khoekhoe Lexical Borrowing in Regionalised Afrikaans

Keywords: Language history, loanwords, phonological attrition, semantic reanalysis, Khoekhoe, Afrikaans


This brief paper aims to draw attention to the widespread and ongoing phenomenon of lexical borrowing from Khoekhoe-branch languages into regional Afrikaans. A case study of one Afrikaans plant name loaned from Khoekhoe-branch languages, karee (Searsia lancea, Searsia spp.), is used to demonstrate how post-shift phonological attrition can lead to lexical conflation, and hence to semantic extension. This paper strongly recommends that public-facing scientific organisations take greater care when providing linguistic information to lay communities, and also motivates increased study of the behaviour of click consonants in a post-shift context in order to develop a clearer understanding of Khoekhoe-branch language history.


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Christie, C. R. (2022). Khoekhoe Lexical Borrowing in Regionalised Afrikaans. Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus, 64(1), 133-143.