The path to verbal bodily diagnostics in isiXhosa

  • Loyiso Mletshe Department of Xhosa University of the Western Cape
Keywords: Deverbal nominal, classification, composition, generative, interpretation


This article explores the manner in which deverbal nominals derived from verbs related  to bodily processes manifest themselves within the Generative Lexicon paradigm. The paramount idea is that, the devices found in the lexical semantic structure are more than adequate in explaining the different interpretations of the deverbal nominals, as they are found in different noun classifications. This is illustrated in the article, firstly, by utilising the semantics of noun classes in Proto-Bantu. Secondly, I briefly looked at the typology of deverbal nominals derived from Setswana and isiXhosa to determine any differences in terms of their derivation. Thirdly, I analysed the deverbal nominals using de-compositional lexical semantics.