Germanistikstudium in Marokko – Probleme und Perspektiven

  • Abdelaziz Bouchara Universität Casablanca, Germanistisches Seminar, Marokko


In many African countries, German Studies has recently come under increasing pressure. In view ofthe globalization of economic and cultural processes, as well as the wider acceptance of French andEnglish, German Studies finds itself in growing competition. This is also true in Morocco. In thiscontext, as elsewhere, it has become essential to seek alternatives and to become innovative. Thus thetraditional DaF (German as a foreign language) also has to redefine its roll. In this paper the authorpresents a professionally oriented course consisting of three modules: (1) business German, (2)German for tourism, and (3) intercultural communication. In addition, the general conditions underwhich such modules are to be introduced will be discussed.Keywords Schlüsselbegriffe: Germanistikstudium, Wirtschaftsdeutsch, Deutsch für den Tourismus,interkulturelle Kommunikation: German language and literature studies, German for business, German for tourism,intercultural communication
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Bouchara, A. (2012). Germanistikstudium in Marokko – Probleme und Perspektiven. Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus, 38.
V. German as a foreign language | Deutsch als Fremdsprache und Germanistik im Kontext afrikanischer Mehrsprachigkeit