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Vol 29 (1996) Minimalisme en woordordevariasie in Afrikaanse vraagsinne Abstract   PDF
Johan Oosthuizen
Vol 22 (1992) Missing Matthew's meaning. Or: Towards a nodding acquaintance with 'Textual Meaning' (and, maybe, with 'Context' too) Abstract   PDF
Walter K. Winckler
Vol 48 (2015) Mobility as a feature: Evidence from Zulu Abstract   PDF
Jochen Zeller
Vol 26 (1994) Modular minds and input in second language acquisition Abstract   PDF
Cecile Le Roux
Vol 40 (2010) Motion events in Afrikaans: their expression by adult speakers and by children with and without language impairment Abstract   PDF
Helena Oosthuizen, Barbara Höhle, Frenette Southwood
Vol 41 (2012) Multilingual practices and language scaling in behavioural change communication on HIV/AIDS in Lesotho: The case of Phela health and development communications Abstract   PDF
Konosoang Sobane
Vol 51 (2017) Multilingualism and the language curriculum in South Africa: contextualising French within the local language ecology Abstract   PDF
Karen Aline Françoise Ferreira-Meyers, Fiona Horne
Vol 49 (2016) Multimodality, creativity and children’s meaning-making: Drawings, writings, imaginings Abstract   PDF
Zannie Bock
Vol 35 (2007) Multiple n-words in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Kate Van Gass
Vol 36 (2008) Multiple representations of a human rights violation: Competing Abstract   PDF
Mary Bock
Vol 5 (1981) n Kritiese beskouing van Inleiding tot die Semantiek Abstract   PDF
C. le Roux, M. Sinclair
Vol 10 (1985) N o m e en normkritiek ten opsigte van die Duitse taal: 'n kort oorslg Abstract   PDF
S. Skorge
Vol 7 (1982) n Roete deur die wereld van Chomsky Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 38 (2009) Nach dem Deutschstudium in Afrika wird man – was? Eine Überprüfung der Zielsetzungen der Deutschabteilung der Universität Lomé anhand einer Verbleibstudie Abstract   PDF
Eva Hamann
Vol 53 (2017) Narrative impact: How stories change minds Details   PDF
Hans Hoeken
Vol 54 (2018) Negation of subject with nominal modifiers in Sesotho Abstract   PDF
Elias Nyefolo Malete
Vol 39 (2009) Negotiating frames in bilingual classroom discourse Abstract   PDF
Elin Fredsted
Vol 29 (1996) New South Africa, old language'! The role of metaphor in reporting the negotiation of the South African labour Relations Bill, June· July 1995 Abstract   PDF
David Bond
Vol 10 (1985) Normering in die Afrikaanse Radio- en Televisiediens Abstract   PDF
T.J.R. Botha
Vol 10 (1985) Normering op die Nederlandse taalgebied Abstract   PDF
E. Loubser
Vol 10 (1985) Norms in British and South African English Abstract   PDF
E. Ridge
Vol 42 (2013) Nursing the cure: A phonetic analysis of /ʊə/ in South African English Abstract   PDF
Ian Bekker
Vol 1 (1980) Nuwe ontwikkelings binne Chomsky se teorie van kerngrammatika Abstract   PDF
cecile Maartens
Vol 42 (2013) Obligatory reflexivity in a Minimalist grammar of Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Johan Oosthuizen
Vol 26 (1994) Omissibility and learnability. Can UO really provide insights for SLA? Abstract   PDF
Roy Dace
Vol 36 (2008) On accounting for problems demonstrated by children with SLI in the interpretation and production of passive construction Abstract   PDF
Frenette Southwood, Johan Oosthuizen
Vol 50 (2016) On establishing coreference in Left Dislocation constructions Abstract   PDF
Johan Oosthuizen
Vol 13 (1989) On the interface of morphology and syntax Abstract   PDF
cecile Le Roux
Vol 10 (1985) Oor die taalwetenskaplike gronde van taalgebruiksnorme: "important" of "importantly"? Abstract   PDF
W.K. Winckler
Vol 16 (1991) OOR GRENSE, KETTINGS, EN LISENSIES: 'n sleutel tot Chomsky se teorie van granunatika Abstract   PDF
Hester Waher
Vol 5 (1981) Oor vrye kritiese meningswisseling en die skete van peripatete Abstract   PDF
Rudolf P. Botha
Vol 53 (2017) Op pad na optimale ondersteuning vir akademiese geletterdhede: Die strewe na beter belyning tussen teorie en praktyk Abstract   PDF
Ydalene Coetsee
Vol 48 (2015) Outlining the parameters for a linguistic nativist position Abstract   PDF
Mark de Vos
Vol 48 (2015) Palatalisation of /s/ in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Daan Wissing, Wikus Pienaar, Daniel van Niekerk
Vol 22 (1992) Paradigma en parodie Abstract   PDF
Henning H.J. Snyman
Vol 26 (1994) Parameterverstelling en tweedetaalverwerwing Abstract   PDF
H. J. Lubbe
Vol 49 (2016) Perpetuating the ‘Third World’? Evaluating knowledge production in the field of German Studies in an African context Abstract   PDF
Carlotta Von Maltzan
Vol 22 (1992) Perspektiewe uit die tekswetenskap op die vertaling van eiename in 'n kinderboek Abstract   PDF
M.E. Nelson
Vol 5 (1981) Praktiese fonetiek vir taalstudente ... n Evaluering Abstract   PDF
J. Roux
Vol 38 (2009) Preface - Vorwort Abstract   PDF
Claus Altmayer, H Ekkehard Wolff
Vol 53 (2017) Principles and challenges of programme planning at a language centre serving two Swiss universities Details   PDF
Sabina Schaffner
Vol 29 (1996) Principles and procedures for the assessment of language proficiency of bilingual children within the South African context: some preliminary data Abstract   PDF
Heila Jordaan
Vol 43 (2014) Produk teenoor proses tydens akademiese redigering: Opmerkings as aanduiders van redigeergerigtheid Abstract   PDF
Amanda Lourens
Vol 43 (2014) Professional and personal ethics in translation: A survey of South African translators’ translation strategies and motivations Abstract   PDF
Haidee Kruger, Elizabeth Crots
Vol 29 (1996) Propaganda or counter-propaganda; media strategies for presenting tabooed news Abstract   PDF
Christine Anthonissen
Vol 43 (2014) Providing truly patient-centred care: Harnessing the pragmatic power of interpreters Abstract   PDF
Kim Wallmach
Vol 45 (2014) Putting directionality into context Abstract   PDF
Stefanie Dose
Vol 29 (1996) Putting some linguistics into applied linguistics: a sociolinguistic study of left dislocation in South African Black English Abstract   PDF
Rajend Mesthrie
Vol 43 (2014) Quality-assessment expectations and quality-assessment reality in educational interpreting: An exploratory case study Abstract   PDF
Lenelle Foster
Vol 42 (2013) Queering discourses of coming out in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Tracey Lee McCormick
Vol 41 (2012) Queering the matrix? Language and identity troubles in HIV/AIDS contexts Abstract   PDF
Tommaso Milani
Vol 36 (2008) Question-answer sequences between doctors and patients in a Abstract   PDF
Christine Anthonissen, Bernd Meyer
Vol 49 (2016) Rastafarian-herbalists’ enregisterment of multilingual voices in an informal marketplace Abstract   PDF
Quentin Williams
Vol 42 (2013) Reading ability and academic acculturation: The case of South African students entering higher education Abstract   PDF
Tobie van Dyk, Kris Van de Poel, Frans van der Slik
Vol 46 (2015) Ready-to-wear sexual politics: The semiotics of visibility on Wits Pride T-shirts Abstract   PDF
Tommaso M. Milani, Koki Kapa
Vol 49 (2016) Reconsidering the role of language-in-education policies in multilingual higher education contexts Abstract   PDF
Christa van der Walt
Vol 55 (2018) Recontextualisation and reappropriation of social and political discourses in toilet graffiti at the University of the Western Cape Abstract   PDF
Fiona Ferris, Felix Banda
Vol 47 (2015) Reflexives and reflexive constructions in Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Johan Oosthuizen
Vol 49 (2016) Regaining a place from which to speak and be heard: In search of a response to the “violence of voicelessness” Abstract   PDF
Brigitta Busch
Vol 26 (1994) Regional variation in Xhosa Abstract   PDF
Abner Nyamende
Vol 18 (1991) relevance theory explaining verbal communication Abstract   PDF
Melinda Sinclair, Walter K. Winckler
Vol 44 (2014) Repair strategies in labial dissimilation: Diminutive formations in Xitsonga Abstract   PDF
Seunghun J Lee, Clementinah Burheni
Vol 52 (2017) Resolving verbal reduplication paradoxes in Malawian Tonga Abstract   PDF
Winfred Mkochi
Vol 42 (2013) Restandardisation defined as democratising language planning Abstract   PDF
Gerda Odendaal
Vol 43 (2014) Retranslation hypotheses revisited: A case study of two English translations of "Sanguo Yanyi" - the first Chinese novel Abstract   PDF
Lei Feng
Vol 48 (2015) Review of Kadenge & Simango's 'Comparing vowel hiatus resolution in ciNsenga and chiShona: An Optimality Theory analysis' Details   PDF
Galen Sibanda
Vol 7 (1982) Rules and Representations: Lees maar ••• Daar staan wei wat daar staan Abstract   PDF
W.K. Winckler
Vol 49 (2016) Saying the word: Voice and silence in an autoethnography about chronic illness Abstract   PDF
Rose Richards
Vol 30 (1999) Second language acquisition: Grammar construction or piecemeal learning? Abstract   PDF
Cecile Le Roux
Vol 22 (1992) Semantic representation and the translation of poetry Abstract   PDF
Judith A. Campbell
Vol 29 (1996) Signed languages and professional responsibility Abstract   PDF
Debra Aarons
Vol 33 (2006) Simultaneous interpreting as an aid in parallel-medium tertiary education Abstract   PDF
Marné Pienaar
Vol 22 (1992) Sociolinguistic practice and political change: Critical appraisal of the language atlas of South Africa Abstract   PDF
David Brown
Vol 21 (1992) Sociolinguistics and first language teaching Abstract   PDF
Kay Mc Cormick
Vol 26 (1994) Some insights that orality-literacy studies can offer language teachers Abstract   PDF
Hildegard Van Zweel
Vol 43 (2014) Some interlingual communicative challenges for foreign African interpreters in South African courtrooms Abstract   PDF
Sam Erevbenagie Usadolo, Ernst Kotzé
Vol 49 (2016) Some methodological considerations: Speaking of, for, and with others Abstract   PDF
Caroline Kerfoot
Vol 29 (1996) South Africa's new language policy in the context of the organisation for African Unity's Language Plan of Action for Africa Abstract   PDF
Russell H. Kaschula
Vol 30 (1999) South African Sign Language: Changing policies. Abstract   PDF
Debra Aarons
Vol 55 (2018) Speaker’s reference, semantic reference and public reference Abstract   PDF
JP Smit
Vol 22 (1992) Speech-language therapy with Zulu clients: Implications for linguistics Abstract   PDF
Jenny Pahl
Frenette Southwood
Vol 38 (2009) Sprachen und Bildungspolitik in Algerien Abstract   PDF
Hamida Yamina
Vol 38 (2009) Sprachenpolitik in Europa – Tatsachen und Perspektiven Abstract   PDF
Konrad Ehlich
Vol 38 (2009) Sprachenpolitik und die Rolle der Fremdsprachen (Deutsch) in Südafrika Abstract   PDF
Carlotta Von Maltzan
Vol 38 (2009) Sprachvermittlung und Spracherwerb in Afrika. Deutsch nach Englisch im südafrikanischen Kontext: Theorie und Praxis Abstract   PDF
Anne Baker
Vol 55 (2018) Stabilising determinants in the transmission of phonotactic systems: Diachrony and acquisition of coda clusters in Dutch and Afrikaans Abstract   PDF
Andreas Baumann, Daan Wissing
Vol 26 (1994) Standardisation and variation in South African English Abstract   PDF
R. Mesthrie
Vol 29 (1996) Stemaansettyd as fonetiese parameter in die verklaring van regressiewe stemassimilasie Abstract   PDF
Daan Wissing
Vol 41 (2012) (Super) Diversities & HIV/AIDS: Multilingualism in Multiple Modalities Abstract   PDF
Nobuhle Luphondo, Christopher Stroud
Ondene Van Dulm
Vol 53 (2017) Taalbeleidshersiening en die ontplanning van Afrikaans aan die Universiteit van die Vrystaat Abstract   PDF
Theodorus du Plessis
Vol 10 (1985) Taaldokters Abstract   PDF
L.R. Heiberg
Vol 21 (1992) Taalgebruik en taalbeheersing: twee Franse modelle Abstract   PDF
J. De Vynck
Vol 10 (1985) Taalgebruiksnormering in die Suid-Afrikaanse Bantoetale Abstract   PDF
A. Wilkes
Vol 10 (1985) Taalnormering en woordeboeke: 'n Praktykgerigte perspektief Abstract   PDF
D.C. Hauptfleisch
Vol 10 (1985) Taalnormering in die skool: 'n onderwyser se perspektief Abstract   PDF
J.M. Marais
Vol 10 (1985) Taalnormering in Prankryk Abstract   PDF
P. Brink
Vol 10 (1985) Taalnorrae en Afrikaans, 'n Geval van twyfel en vertwyfeling? Abstract   PDF
V.N. Webb
Vol 36 (2008) Taalregte en die regspraak Abstract   PDF
HJ Lubbe
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